2458.58 usd 16,351,425 btc in circulation, for a market cap of 40,201,286,477 usd
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Price and analysis:

ZeroBlock – a real time bitcoin market data site

Bitcoin Wisdom – straight forward bitcoin price data

Bitcoin Charts – financial and technical data related to the bitcoin network

Blockchain.info – Blockchain explorer and wallet service

BlockExplorer – view information about the blocks, addresses, and transactions

Coinalytics – sleek blockchain explorer for addresses, transactions and more


Coinbase – the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet

Electrum – decentralized, functional, light wallet

Mycelium – store, transfer and exchange value

Armory -open-source wallet with cold storage and multi-signature support

Bitcoin Core – a full node community-driven wallet

Airbitz – decentralized, user-friendly, mobile wallet


Bitfinex – largest and most advanced crypto-currencies trading platform

Bitstamp – easy to use service for companies and individuals to exchange bitcoins

OKCoin – a worldwide digital currency trading platform

BTC China – one-stop Chinese bitcoin service provider

BTCXIndia – first Bitcoin exchange in India offering a secure, real time trading platform

Cryptsy – trade over 200 different types of crypto-currency


Coinmap – database of bitcoin accepting businesses

spendabit – more than 2.5-million things you can buy with Bitcoin

Financial Tools:

BitPay – free unlimited payment processing

BitReserve – financial system that makes using digital money secure, instant and free

Coinapult – unique and useful financial tools


r/bitcoin – bitcoin subreddit

Let’sTalkBitcoin! – LTB Network is best described as an experimental community platform


Coinality – a free service connecting Employers and Job Seekers

CoinWorker – earn bitcoin using only your web browser

Peer-to-Peer lending:

BTCjam – the first global peer-to-peer lending network powered by bitcoin

Bitbond – global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform

BitLendingClub – global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending


SecureList – vast information on computer and online security


Fun Casino – high quality casino games for bitcoins

CloudBet – online sportsbook and casino


James D’Angelo’s Dissecting the Blockchain Revolution: A Blackboard Series on Technology and Governance

WeSecure.net:  Professor Gideon’s one-stop-shop for all things crypto


“Free” Bitcoin – satoshis every hour

Other useful places:

Bitcoin Foundation – development and promotion of the bitcoin project

Bitcoin Wiki – heaps of info regarding bitcoin

Bitcoin Magazine – encompassing bitcoin news