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Booo! Crypto Conference: Babes not Welcome

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  • SmokeyBehr

    I’m assuming that Ms. Godshalk slept through her English classes at “Standford”, wherever that may be, because I can’t find a “Standford” University, only Stanford (WITH ONLY A SINGLE “D”) University. The only Google searches that come up for “Standford” are all typos by people that should know better, considering that they claim to have graduated from there, and if they actually attended Stanford for 4 years, should know how the university’s name is spelled.

    • Cosby Hammer

      Yeah the website made that type, not her, jackass.

  • I’m so glad we’ve decided to start mandating what people can and can’t wear in the Bitcoin world. It fits in perfectly with the freedom-oriented message Bitcoin brings and the libertarian attitude so many in the space hold so dear.

  • phaed

    Welcome to the new world order, as per our feminist overlords.