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We’re fascinated about the potential of digital currencies but underwhelmed by the sometimes stale, often misinformed commentary. We’re here to share and contribute to the good stuff, and also berate the bad. We’ll strive for in-depth insight that’s both informative and entertaining.

Our reviews will glow when there’s brilliance and puke when there’s infection. We’ll feature graphics that don’t look like they’re pulled from a hacked Shutterstock account. There will be no glimmering images of coins stamped with BTC on the Open Ledger.

We assume our readers are intelligent and our articles will reflect this. You needn’t be an early adopter nor a coding wizard, but you might feel like one after visiting us on a daily basis.

Benjamin Mercer


Ben enjoys finding heroes, villains and humor in the storylines of technology. His favorite topics are cryptography, cybercrime and something else that begins with a ‘c’ . In the 90s as a teenager he designed a couple of websites. He’s been a copyeditor, TV studio intern and restaurant owner. You can email him at ben@theopenledger. If you prefer to send encrypted email, here is his PGP fingerprint: 99B8 0CD9 12B2 C812 9C20 3F7F 21CF CA65 1CEE 7BE3

Ryan Walker 


Ryan’s main interests lie at the intersection of monetary theory, cryptocurrencies and Pittsburgh sports teams. He enjoys exploring the gutters and alleys of the net as much as the canyons and peaks of the material world. Ryan batted over .450 during baseball in high school and got first place in some technology competition, both facts are verifiable online if you have an hour and no life. Email him at ryan@theopenledger.com. PGP fingerprint: 0589 471C DA12 38DD BC49 71DA F8F6 EB00 AE3A B81F